Federation Governance

Welcome to the Kenn and Kenton Federation

‘Aim High – Have Fun’

In September 2013 following a consultation period with parents, carers and the wider community the governing bodies of Kenn C of E Primary School and Kenton Primary School decided to form a Federation.   The Federation is tailored to the needs of our schools and works to preserve the unique identity of each school and wider community by providing the best educational experiences for all of our children.

We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other through the networks we have built between the schools and the Dawlish Learning Partnership, learning from each other’s strengths and supporting each other with areas for development. We are constantly striving for excellence, securing high levels of achievement and outstanding opportunities for all our children.

Kenn C of E Primary School was inspected by OFSTED in November 2014 and assessed as a Good School.

Our Federation prides itself on providing a friendly, caring, family environment within which children can flourish. We offer children the best learning environments, the best teachers and the best support to enable every child to reach their full potential.  Every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to find their best-selves within a setting where they are happy, well cared for and, most importantly, where they care for each other.

Our Aims and Vision

To promote excellence in and enjoyment of learning to inspire all our children to be the best they can be

Aim High – Have Fun

We really do believe that we work better together by:

  • Staff working together – improving practice and developing partnerships;
  • Children working together – improving learning and building relationships;
  • Having a joint budget – improving resources and best value; and
  • Leadership working together – improving opportunities and outcomes for children


We look forward to welcoming you to our Federation. Our children are our best ambassadors. Come and meet them!