Class 2

Teachers – Miss Burrows J


Welcome Back Class 2!


Hello everyone,


I hope you all had a fantastic summer! I would like to start off by saying a massive thank you to all of you for your very warm welcome. We are all having a great time in Class 2 and the children are wonderful! They are thoroughly enjoying the Minions theme and active learning! As with every new school year there is lots of information to pass on, so please make note of the important days in your calendars!


Homework: The children will receive their first piece of homework on Monday 20th September. The homework will be based around what the children are learning in their English, Maths or Topic lessons. Homework will be given out and handed in each Monday. If the children are completed a project based on our topic then they will have 2 weeks to complete this, to allow enough time! All of the information you need for homework will either be in the front of their homework books or on the sheet they are set.


PE: Class 2 will have PE on a Monday with Miss Burrows and on a Friday with Mr Tyrrell. The children are to attend school in their PE kits on both days.


Reading: Throughout the week your child will have many opportunities to share & read a book with their peers and adults in school. We encourage the children to read at home every day for 15 minutes, either with a grown up or independently. Every Friday the children will receive a new reading book that they will keep at home until the following Wednesday. The children will take home 1 reading book (book to learn) and 2 story books (books to love) home with them each week, so they can develop a number of reading skills.


Home time: Just a quick thank you – I really appreciate how patient you have all been patient with me at the end of the day. With us all having to wear masks and being new to the school, it is quite hard to see who needs to go home with who. Until I have been able to put all faces to names, I would really appreciate if all parents could come to the Class 2 gate to collect their children and let me know who you need. If you need to wait at the gate for any reason then a teaching assistant or myself will bring your child up to you as soon as we can! Do remember to let us know if someone new is collecting your child from school. We need to be informed of this so we are confident that we are sending your child home with the right person.


I think that is all for now, but if you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to call or catch up with me at the end of the day!


Miss Burrows J

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