A child must feel that he or she really matters. It is easier to achieve this in a small school. Our smaller cohorts enable us to deliver a more personalised and individual level of support to nurture the academic achievement and well being of all of our pupils. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of belonging, where every child is known to all the other children and all the staff, and children of different ages play together and support each other.

With our motto ‘Aim High’, we place a strong emphasis on challenging and supporting every pupil to aspire, and achieve, academic and personal success and we strive to create a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which our children can flourish.

Our vision is that all children will develop an enquiring mind, a desire for knowledge, high personal expectation and understanding and respect for others.  We recognise that strong self esteem is essential in enabling our children to lead happy and successful futures and we aim to ensure that our pupils leave us as caring, happy and confident young people, equipped with academic skills, a social conscience and an enthusiasm to continue their learning.

We believe that we have a unique combination of features here at Kenn C of E Primary which make it a distinct and wonderful place to educate children where all members of the community work in partnership to achieve the best for every child.

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