Community Forum

The school’s Community Forum meets half-termly to discuss anything raised by parents and the wider community and as a representative body to discuss any issues that the Headteacher might bring to the meeting. Each year group in the school is represented on the Forum and members who attend meetings seek out new members when there is a vacancy. Please see Community Forum members if you would like to be involved.

Community Forum Members 2019-20

  • Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 – Emma Kirk (Rory, Rosie and Freya)
  • Year 4 and Year 6 – Kate Frost (Heidi and Claudia)
  • Year 1 and Year 5 – Annie Jinks (Flo and Lucy)
  • Year 2 – Emma Lishman (Jack)
  • Year 2 and Year 4 – Lydia Brown (Leo and Ethan)
  • Governor and Church Representative – Liz Rycroft

Meeting minutes

Community Forum Meeting – 11.10.19

Community Forum Meeting – 4,2.19 and 13,5.19

Community Forum minutes 29.11.19

Community Forum minutes 01.12.2020