Class 1

Teachers – Mrs Garner and Mrs Edwards

Autumn term 2021 – Wonderful Me


Welcome to Class One!

We hope you have all had a good summer. We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and your child and to supporting them with their learning in the year ahead.


Our topic this half term is Wonderful Me.  Much of our learning will be based around what the children know about themselves, about their family, about what their bodies can do (jump, run etc) and about what they enjoy. Wherever possible, we allow flexibility in our planning to follow children’s interests as they arise.

We will also work hard at ensuring the children are happy, settled and relaxed at school which will put them in the best position to learn. For further information about areas of learning please see the plan attached.

Below you will find some information that you may find useful and will help the weeks ahead run smoothly – we hope!



Class One  will be doing PE on Friday mornings with Mr Tyrrell and should come to school wearing their PE kit. As they all did last Friday! Thank You! They will stay in their PE kit all day.

The children will also do daily physical activity with balls and hoops (but will not need any PE kit for this).



In a couple of weeks, we will be holding a zoom meeting about how we teach phonics and reading. A letter with more details and a zoom invite will follow shortly. In the meantime, children will be choosing and bringing home a ‘book to love’ – not a school reading scheme book but a book to share with you and enjoy together over the week.  The ‘book to love’ will come home every Friday and must be returned by the following Friday, ready to be changed.  Children will need a book bag and this should come to school every day.


Spare pants and clothing

If you think your child is likely to need a spare pair of pants/tights/joggers then send in a change of clothing in a named bag and we will keep it on their peg in case of emergencies!


Labelling of clothes

Please ensure you label all your child’s clothing so we can get the right clothing back to you.



We have a snack time twice a day. Please send in a fruit snack, daily. A government scheme provides a second fruit snack. Your child’s water bottle needs to be named and brought in on a Monday. We will send the bottle home on a Friday – and will obviously refresh it daily.  (Please do not send any other fruit products – such as fruit Bear Yo-yos or fruity bars. Pure fruit/ dried fruit only.)



When we send home reading books, there will be an expectation to read 5-10 minutes daily with your child. Of course, in these early days of full-time schooling your child may be too tired to read so it’s best not to force the issue. Enjoyable time reading together is key – find the time of day that works best for you.


As you know, we will be using Seesaw to share your child’s learning with you, so you can see what they get up to at school. You will be able to add your own comments, should you wish. We will post every couple of weeks. We hope you have enjoyed the posts you have seen so far.


We hope that this information is useful.

If you have any questions, please talk to us at the end of the day or drop an email to school and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Edwards and Mrs Garner



For an overview of the entire Year 1 curricula please click on the link below.

Class 1 News