School Improvement

School Improvement Plan

Whole School Priorities For 2022/2023

●        To implement and embed strategies to support the positive emotional and mental wellbeing of all members of the school community

●        To develop a structured CPD programme tailored around the WalkThrus programme to improve consistency in the quality of teaching and learning

●        To develop a whole-school approach to embedding Oracy across the curriculum and improve opportunities for pupil voice

●        To identify gaps in learning for all pupils, refine the curriculum to address these gaps, and provide targeted support in key areas for identified groups of pupils

●        Continue to upskill subject leaders to enable them to drive curriculum improvements and monitor progress effectively

●        Embed key initiatives to support the quality of Reading, to include Early Reading provision

●        To continue to develop the curriculum, to ensure intent is understood by all stakeholders, the implementation is reviewed, and the impact is measured

●        Build the effectiveness of governors within the new structure

●        Improve the outside areas to enhance the learning environment for pupils, specifically in KS1 and EYFS

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