Reading Curriculum

At Kenn Primary, our intent is that every child will become a reader in our school. The teaching and learning of reading is at the heart of everything the children do. Whether reading for pleasure or across the curriculum, children learn to decode, comprehend, summarise, infer and predict texts, giving them access to the world of information around them. Reading will enable learning in all other areas of our curriculum, and vice versa. All children will leave our school with a love of reading, and the necessary skills to help them to flourish in their secondary education and in life. We work to develop confident, fluent readers who enjoy a variety of literature and who can critically evaluate a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction as they prepare for transition into Key Stage 3. We further aim to enrich reading across the school by participating in a variety of opportunities including national events such as World Book Day and National Poetry Day; writing directly to authors that the children have read in class to give their writing a purpose; immersing children in online poetry performances and readings of high quality texts from authors as well as inviting parents into school to read with their children. In Key Stage 1, cosy nook reading areas and puppet theatres enable the youngest children to embrace their imagination and retell stories in an explorative manner. Alongside this, we create an ethos of excitement about reading across the school by utilising reading ambassadors in Key Stage 2 which involves older children reading with younger children and sharing their love and enjoyment of reading.


Reading Curriculum Design Document

100 Books KS 1

100 Books KS 3 and 4

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