Victorian Day at Morwellham Quay.

This term Class 3 had an exciting visit to the Victorian village at Morwellham Quay in Tavistock.  The children had the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in this Victorian experience.  We tried on Victorian clothing and discovered that not all clothing in Victorian times was equal! Rich Victorians wore brightly coloured garments made from silk or wool and poor Victorians had to wear drab cotton and wool clothing which they had to repair year after year.

We visited the Victorian classroom where Miss Towns (the very strict teacher) made us sit up straight and write our names on blackboards.  If we even moved or spoke we were punished with the cane. (pretend!) The poor left handed children were told they would have to tie their left hand behind their back!

Finally we took an exhilarating ride into the copper mine.  We felt how cold, dark and dusty it was and understood how hard it must have been for Victorian children to work down there.  We learned so much!  What a brilliant day!


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