The Mermaid Challenge – National Marine Aquarium

Class 1 had a fantastic trip to the National Marine Aquarium where they met Marina the Mermaid.

She taught us all sorts of things about creatures who live in the sea and we were able to tell her what we knew about swimming reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. nma_logo.gif

We learnt about similarities and differences that we can see in fish and learnt to compare them by their size, shape, colour and pattern. We also learnt why camouflage is important to protect creatures from their predators.

This all tied in beautifully with the learning we have been doing on dinosaurs and it was a great opportunity to transfer our skills to the sea world! Marina was very impressed with our knowledge sealife.

The children had a wonderful day exploring the different areas of the aquarium, gazing into tanks and being enthralled and mesmerised by the beautiful creatures they saw.

Here are our favourite bits;

  • ‘Big, bad Barry, the shark’ – Jude
  • ‘the big lobsters, three of them, they had long bits’ – Rayaan
  • ‘The octopus, it had so many tentacles!’ – Jay
  • ‘the red and blue damsel fish’ – Louis
  • ‘Seeing the mermaid. I learnt that starfish are sick on their food before they eat it!’ – Amaya
  • ‘when the fish were swimming above us and underneath us.’- Sydnee
  • ‘The turtle, Snorkel, I wanted to touch its shell and hold it but it had to stay in the water because it wasn’t a land animal.’ – Sarah
  • ‘Seeing the sharks, the hammerhead shark.’ – Freya
  • ‘The octopus had 8 legs with suckers underneath, sometimes they can change colour.’ – Claudia
  • ‘Snorkel the turtle; he had short flippers and a hard shell.’ – Abigail
  • ‘Where the big sharks were swimming over us and under us.’ – Fae
  • ‘When the mermaid read us a story.’ – Jessica
  • ‘The mermaid, she showed us a shark, a turtle and a starfish. I learnt that if a starfish had its leg bitten off it could grow back again.’- C.J.
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