Plastic-free launch

Dea, our Forest School leader, had a great idea to start off our plastic-free launch this week. We asked all packed lunches to empty their rubbish and tally up the different materials that we identified. We then pledged to do three things that would help to reduce this waste.

Let’s see if, as a school, we can all cut down by one item of single-use plastic in our lunch boxes and see what a difference we can make.

Our launch on Wednesday consisted of workshops throughout the day such as Plastic Pirate and Marine Litter experiences. The children (and adults) learnt a lot from Dea and her team, so we hope that they have come home and shared the shocking statistics and discussed their pledge to try and reduce and reuse.

Thank you to everyone who visited the stalls in the hall on Wednesday. There was lots of information that we hope has helped raise awareness of the issues that we are facing.

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