Our Planting Day in Class 1!

Friday was the day set aside for planting up our class garden. Thankfully the weather was perfect for working in the garden and we were very fortunate to have help on hand to advise us.  Once all the weeds were removed we were ready to start planting…

The potatoes are planted as are the peas. We have also planted courgettes, lettuces, broad beans, runner beans and climbing beans and we have sown a wide variety of seeds too including carrots, beetroot and sweet corn. We even have our own polytunnel! Now the precarious process of growing begins, we know that one of our daily jobs will be to collect snails and slugs but in the meantime we have made a sign to warn them away!

The next phase of our gardening will be to develop our flower bed and already a kindly neighbour, admiring our hard work, has promised us some dahlias and petunias.

We are incredibly grateful to Mrs Matthias for giving so much of her time, sharing her expertise with us and bringing such a wide variety of plants and seeds for us to learn about and plant.

We hope you like our gallery of photos below!


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