Narnia Experience

On Tuesday 21st November, Class 4 were invited to join the Exeter ICE team at the Narnia Experience, a highly interactive exhibition which gives children the opportunity to explore Narnia through key scenes of C. S. Lewis’ ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. The children enjoyed experiencing a train journey where they imagined that they were evacuees being moved from the city to the countryside during World War II. They learnt about what inspired C. S Lewis to write his series of books, as well as going through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia where they visited the tree nymphs, the  Beavers’ home and the foxes who were the messengers of Aslan.
Some of the real highlights of the visit were tasting Narnia toast and sharing fish and chips in the beavers’ home! We were also lucky enough to be given a copy of C. S. Lewis’ ‘The Story Teller’ to take back to class and share.
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