KS2 CAP visit

Recently, the school had a visit from the Child Assault Prevention Team (CAP). They visited each class to talk through and do role plays that taught the children how to deal with different scenarios.

Here is what two of the Year 4 children had to say about their three-day visit:


Cap was a brilliant experience. Today we looked at staying safe around children and to be safe and a good play about a bully stealing her crisps every day and learnt to say ‘No’ to the bully.


Today we learnt about staying safe around strangers on and off the internet. This was an interesting time for learning stuff. It was very fun because of the self-defence techniques like biting and a safety yell.


Today it was our last day with CAP so we did keeping safe with people that we know which is a good skill to have. We learned that not everyone you know is not always nice. Always say NO WHEN YOU ARE IN DANGER of fright.

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