King Lear

On Friday Class 2 were really excited to learn another Shakespeare Play.

Before the session began Phoebe (Yr1) told us that she really loves Shakespeare, this was the fourth one that the Year 1’s have done, and the 2nd that the Year 2’s have done.

Emma’s daddy kindly, with the children’s help, retold King Lear.

Some children helped retell the story through acting out the key parts in the play, really engaging with their roles. Wilf, who played the role of King Lear, said ‘I love the play we did because it was fun!’. Phoebe (Yr2) said ‘I liked the way there was naughty people and then nice people’.

We then discussed which were our favourite scenes and drew pictures of how we saw them in our minds.

Miriam said ‘It was the best morning because we did lots of fun things!’ Oliver liked drawing his favourite scene. Emma loves her daddy coming in to do Shakespeare plays!
King Lear    King Lear 2

King Lear 4

King Lear 5

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