Kenn win KS1 DLP Athletics Tournament

On a very hot and sunny Thursday morning six schools from across the Partnership gathered together at St Lukes Science and Sports College in Exeter for the annual DLP Key Stage 1 Athletics tournament.

Each school sent along a team of two girls and two boys from reception, year 1 and 2 to take part in a variety of activities.  All the children took part in long jump, speed bounce, vortex howler and throwing and target practice, finishing with each member of the team taking part in a relay race.

All the children cheered for their fellow team mates and showed some fantastic sports skills during all the events.

Each child who took part from Exminster, Kenn, Kenton, Cockwood, Starcross and Westcliff Primary Schools received a certificate, medals were presented to the top performing boy and girl in each year group and bronze and silver medals were awarded to the second and third placed schools.

Gold medals were presented to the winning team, which this year was Kenn Primary School!

Many thanks to St Lukes College staff and student leaders for hosting the day, and to all the parents and carers who helped with transport and came along to support their children and school.

Well done to all the children who took part and represented their school!

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