Kenn Summer Show 2023

In school, we are all very excited about our summer show, which is on Friday 14th July at 6pm at the Kenn Centre.

The title of the show is ‘Our Planet Rocks!’

The theme is the environ-
ment, and there will be a
range of songs and dances, with the narrative told by narrators from Class 4.

We will not be giving out tickets, but ask you to only bring 2 audience members. We are limited to the number of seats available in the Kenn Centre. We will be ticking off names as audience members arrive.

We will open the doors at 5.40pm. Children will need to be dressed in their performance clothes, and can wait with staff in the back rooms of the Kenn Centre while parents find their seats.

Children will need to wear the following:

Class 4—White shirt/polo shirt, tie (any colour—elastic would be easier!) + trainers Class 3—PE tops (house colours), black or grey trousers/leggings and trainers Class 2—PE kits (house colour tops) + need a cuddly toy animal
Class 1— Blue / green tops, black or grey trousers/leggings and trainers

We have tried to make your lives as easy as possible with the outfits! We will make all of the extra elements in school, and if any other items are needed, we will let you know.

Our lovely PTA will be serving drinks and refreshments. The show should last roughly an hour, if not a little more.
If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch .

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