Hatching Dinosaurs

Today we had a challenge of hatching our own dinosaur egg.

We all had lots of ideas how we would get the dinosaur out of the frozen egg;

  • I’m going to try and cut it out.
  • I’m going to drop it and then it will smash.
  • I’m going to throw it on hard ground.
  • If I put hot water on it it might melt the ice.
  • You could put it near the radiator.

Lots of us made a nest for our egg and most of us chose to put it near the radiator some of us even put our hats on it to try and warm it up! Some of us wanted to hatch our dinosaur quickly so we used tools to try and help it out, we poured hot water on it and dropped it on the ground.

Well done Class 1 – you really enjoyed this challenge and had lots of good ideas too!

Hatching dinosaurs

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