Gardens and Growing

How lovely it is to be back in school with such eager children ready to learn! This week we launched our new topic; Gardens and Growing.

We made a list of all the jobs that need to be done in a garden; ‘weeding, tidying, raking, hoeing, planting, watering, digging, mowing.’ We have also started to learn about the tools that can help us in the garden; ‘rakes, hoes, spades, forks and trowels’ We spent a glorious afternoon in the sunshine starting on all the tidying jobs and it provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate many characteristics of effective learning such as; having a go, persevering, finding different ways to do things, feeling proud of our achievements and showing fascination (most notably at slugs, snails and maggots!)

The gardening we will engage in this term will also provide us with opportunities to develop our physical skills as well as many opportunities to marvel and wonder at the highs and lows of growing… We still have some preparation jobs to do before we are ready to start planting our potatoes and beans so if you can spare an odd half hour your help will be gratefully and warmly received! We would also love to hear about you and your child’s gardening experiences at home whether it is on a allotment or in a window box!


Please click on the picture to see our Growing and Gardening slideshow

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