Forest School

Year five and six took part in their first Forest School  sessions on Monday and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. They took the minibus to Bickham Farm and enjoyed the (long!) walk across the fields and up into our special woodland site after saying hello to the goats.

Both groups took part in games to remember the boundaries and games about keeping safe. They learnt how the composting toilet works and how to move safely around the campfire space.

The children enjoyed hiding and sneaking during games of ‘Eagle Eye’, particularly when Dea fell over a log and performed an effortless ‘stunt roll’ for all to admire (and laugh!).

Some children made ‘tree cookie’ name badges and learnt some simple knots, others made a start on building dens.

Year Six were enthralled by the discovery of a squashed rabbit and they tried to identify its internal organs and ponder how it may have died.

Over the coming weeks they will incorporate their project work on Prehistoric Britain into sessions; building simple shelters, lighting fires with flint and steel, creating natural paints and even try our hand at some Stone Age cooking!

Please make sure your child has  water bottle and sturdy footwear each week. After half term, year three and four will have their sessions.

If you want to find out more or have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to Dea – to be found at the school gate on Tuesday afternoons with twigs in her hair…..




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