Forest School News

Year 5 and 6 have had a varied time at forest school so far with summery-hot days following wild and windy weather all within the course of a fortnight!

We couldn’t go to the woods due to a bull loose at the farm so we stayed and played lots of games at school before making and flying kites on the playground – the children loved racing their creations through the drizzle.

This week we bravely plucked stinging nettle tops and cooked nettle fritters – most people agreed they were delicious. This was followed by pine needle tea and an attempt at a silent Japanese tea ceremony – we managed at least a minute before somebody started laughing!T

he usual games, dens, clay, rope and building resources have been put to good use and Class 4 have really taken the lead with their own learning; designing and creating cafes, Pride Rock for ‘Simba’ and pulley systems across the stream amongst other things.

Long may the sun keep shining and the farm track stay dry!

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