Forest School for Year 2

Year Two have started Forest School sessions and are showing great resilience in the face of challenging weather conditions.

This week we enjoyed breaking and crunching ice with our boots and were excited to see a flurry of snow as we walked back to the minibus!
The children have been learning rules and boundaries which keep us safe in the woods as well as singing the Forest School song.

Rolling and sliding down the slope has to be the most popular activity by far and the children have discussed ways to keep safe whilst doing this. Some children are keen to make a new ‘bridge of doom’* over the stream and we have started sawing a large log to achieve this. *may not actually contain ‘doom

As ever, please ensure your child is wrapped up well with warm socks, gloves and a hat. Waterproofs are great to keep the cold wind at bay and allow children to explore the woodland freely without worrying about getting clothes dirty.

Dea can be found after school on Tuesdays if you have any questions, or leave a message with the school office.

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