Fairtrade spice discovery

With Fairtrade fortnight coming to a close, a selection of children spent the morning at Westcliff Primary School taking part in a Fairtrade workshop.

Sue, Jane, Ian and Wendy from Devon Development Education met children from Cockwood, Westcliff, Ratcliffe, Kenn, Kenton and Starcross School as well as students at Dawlish Community College to tell them all about the important work Fairtrade do to support SOFA: The Small Organic Farmers’ Association, in Sri Lanka.

You can click here to see the full presentation.

The children were then encouraged to try four different spices, within buns, biscuits, crisps and ice fairtradecream to describe the flavour and identify the spice. One child said the ginger biscuit “was Hot! very Hot!” while another thought the vanilla ice cream was “creamy and delicious!”

The children also learnt that the Fairtrade logo was a picture of a Farmer stood in a field waving with the green crops below him and the blue sky behind. Have a look at the logo to the right and see if you can work it out.

A wonderful and insightful morning was had by all.

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