Do Pumpkin seeds float or sink?

Following on from their pumpkin investigation Class 1 decided to do an experiment to find out the answer to the question,

‘Do pumpkin seeds float or sink?’

The children thought about what would happen and wrote their names on the chart.

The children tested out their ideas;

We learnt that pumpkin seeds floated. The children suggested some ideas as to why this was;

‘It’s because they are small.’

‘It’s because they are slim.’

‘It’s because they are flat and so the water pushes them up’

Great thinking Class 1!

 We enjoyed our floating and sinking experiments so much that we tested out other natural objects too.

We always find something to sing about in class 1 and we made up a song;

‘Float or sink?

What do you think?

Will a pumpkin seed (shell, stick, conker, stone etc) float or sink?’

 We are looking forward to doing lots more investigations and experiments in Class 1.


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