Class 3 visit The Eden Project

Class 3 recently visited The Eden Project down in Cornwall. In the school, they are learning about rainforests so Eden let them explore theirs. 

First Kenn took an hour and a half to drive to Eden. Then they went to a class room. After that they went to the rain forest and were almost burnt by the heat. They had lunch, then they left after emptying the gift shop.

Kate’s Day

We all got up early, ready for the big day to come. The bus made it seem as though the day would never finish but we had fun. Before I could say, “Chocolate bunny, “we were there. We walked out of the car park and into the valley which held our destination.

The domes which we strolled past held a whole new land, I was correct, plants and trees, waterfalls and bridges put together to make a rainforest.



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