Class 3 visit Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre

Class 3 were made to feel very welcome when they visited the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre recently.

Words used to describe their experience include:  an amazing, inspirational, fascinating and relaxing experience.

Here are just a few quotes from the children:

“The art was really different, it was the best trip that I have ever been on, I loved the art and the building”

“Before I visited the gallery I didn’t know photos were a type of art”, 

“All of the paintings are different from anything I have seen before and we all saw them differently”

“It was wonderful to be able to work in a studio creating our own work.”

We saw two exhibitions, urban environment paintings by Michael Calver in the Cafe Bar Gallery, evoking pleasure and unease, and  Photographic portraits ‘Beneath the Mask” by Claude Cahun. 

Check out the pictures from our visit below.

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