Class 3 trip to RAMM

As a result of reading ‘Katie and the British Artists’ by James Mayhew in our English lessons, Class 3 went on a trip to RAMM in Exeter.

The children were not only inspired to write their own wonderful stories based on this book, but were inspired to explore the world of art, in particular paintings. They wanted to find out what it would be like to see paintings in a gallery.

One year 3 boy wrote ‘It felt strange seeing real prints and paintings because I am used to seeing copies of them in books or seeing them on the computer.’ He also said ‘They were more realistic, they had more detail, they had more colour and joy and happiness in them.’

A year 4 girl said “It feels different seeing pictures in a gallery than seeing them on a computer or a piece of paper. I was feeling excited when I saw the pictures by JMW Turner because he is really famous and I like loads of his work.”

She also said “My favourite picture in the modern exhibition was one called ‘Still life with apples’ I like it because I like the way the apples are set out on the table. It reminds me of some of Cezanne’s work.”


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