Class 3 learn about Rainforests

Class 3 have enjoyed finding out about Rainforests this half term and we have done lots of literacy, art, geography and science based on this theme.

We looked at a local artist called Sam Cannon who incorporates text into her paintings. It seemed like the perfect way to tell people about the importance of the rainforest habitats, so we produced these lovely jungle pictures which include some of our thoughts about the forests.


We were quite surprised to find that some of the tropical rainforests have 4 ½ metres of rainfall each year. That’s a lot! We decided to make some rain sticks so that we could hear the sound of falling rain –without getting quite so wet.

During our story writing week, we found out that Native Americans used to record their stories by carving pictures onto a tree trunk. Here is our version of a totem pole. It tells the story of an eagle, a bison a bear and a handsome wolf. We didn’t exactly carve our masks but we think they look really authentic.



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