Class 3 and 4 investigating the world in our Oceans and Seas.

Class 3 & 4 took a trip to Plymouth Aquarium and experienced four different activities, including a virtual reality session which took us to the deep depths of the ocean, a guided tour of the aquarium through the Great Barrier Reef and Atlantic Ocean exhibits, an exploration of buoyancy, and an interactive talk on why we need to protect our seas from pollution.

The children had a fantastic time; all of us learnt something new. We were all very excited to discover the unicorn fish.

One Year 3 boy said;

‘Normally when I think of fish I just think of plain colours, like blue or grey, and I don’t think about multiple colours, but now I’ve been to the aquarium, I have seen just how colourful they can be and how many different fish there are.’

A year 4 boy said:

‘Everything was awesome, I learnt so much’

Class 4’s views:
‘The virtual experience was awesome because it felt like you were actually down there swimming with the whale’
‘I was amazed that there were 42 different animals in the main tank’
‘I was shocked that the squid, that came out of the whales stomach, was real. It stank of vinegar!’


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