Class 2 Trip to Paignton Zoo

We had a delightful time at the zoo yesterday and the weather was on our side in Paignton so all of the animals were out to play!

Before lunch time, we had a talk with the zookeeper. We learnt all about their 5 giraffes (although, only 3 came out to say hello) and she also showed us a real ostrich egg which was laid by their ostrich Maisy. The zookeeper set us a challenge to find as many endangered or vulnerable animals around the zoo which we were very good at!

We were so lucky to see the red pandas relaxing in the treetops and a trio of baby red river hogs… They weren’t as cute as the red pandas though.

Our favourite animals were the roaring lions, the proud cheetahs and the great gorillas. We enjoyed watching the gorillas have their lunch of broccolis and cauliflowers even though their enclosure was really smelly!

We were really pleased to bring 3 Kenton children along with us to the zoo. Class 2 have been wonderful at welcoming them into our class and have shown such kindness so they feel included in our class family.

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