Class 1 Trip to the Woods

Today Class 1 went to Haldon Forest where we had a great day exploring the woods.

We followed the Discovery Trail and walked all the way around carrying our own backpacks.

We had so much fun exercising, playing and learning as we meandered along the forest paths.

Some of the highlights were;

  • making a ring around the fairy throne and having a turn at sitting on it.
  • Adventuring deep into the forest – it reminded us of the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.
  • Playing the woodland instruments
  • Making friends with a tree.
  • Having a go at climbing a tree
  • Using our imagination when playing with sticks
  • Admiring a magnificent view!
  • Taking turns to tell stories and sing songs on the singing chair
  • Making dens
  • Gathering logs, branches and sticks
  • Trying to find the tallest tree
  • Finding mud to jump in!
  • Enjoying the autumn colours of the woods
  • Eating lunch!
  • Running away from The Gruffalo!

So as you can see we had a very busy day and I was very proud of the way the children engaged with the woodland experience and their resilience at keeping going throughout the day. You were great company Class 1 – Thank you!

Also a big thank you to the parents who helped transport us to and from the woods and to Granny P. for coming with us!

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