Chinese New Year – The Year of the Horse

Class 1 invited Willow Class from our federated school in Kenton to come and join in our celebrations of Chinese New Year.

We had a lovely time making new friends and learning about how this Spring festival is celebrated. We listened to the story of the Great Race and found out how the years got their names.

You can listen to by clicking on the CBeebies. Cbeebies_logo-small

We learnt how to say hello in Mandarin, ‘ni hao’ and we learnt that Chinese writing and numbers looks very different to our own.

We made Chinese lanterns and dragon puppets, danced to Chinese music and practised using chopsticks. We made a magnificent Chinese dragon and we had a dragon procession accompanied by a wonderful band! We ended our morning together sharing fortune cookies.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Happy New Year!)

You can see how Chinese families celebrate the New Year by clicking on the CBeebies.Cbeebies_logo-small

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