Child Led Learning – EYFS

We have had another lovely week in Class 1 with two particular occasions where our learning has been initiated and led by the children’s interests.  For show and tell one class member brought in a selection of herbs from her garden which she was able to describe and name. As a result of this we have now been investigating herbs in greater detail and we are learning to recognise and name them by the shape of their leaves, their smell and their taste.




Another opportunity for child led learning arose when another child brought in a living salad and the children all decided they would like to use it to make a healthy sandwich. This provided us with all sorts of learning opportunities such as making choices and developing our fine and gross motor skills through spreading, cutting and using a salad spinner. I think the children all agreed that the best part was sitting together around the table eating our sandwich and enjoying one another’s company!


Please click on our picture to see more of us making our sandwiches mmm …..

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