Bonfire Bake Off!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Bonfire themed day, you all looked amazing in your sparkly outfits, even the teachers had been sprinkled with glitter and sparkles.

The day kicked off with the Bonfire Bake Off, we had about 20 entries across all four classes, all the bakes were amaz-ing, firework biscuits, bonfire night scenes on a cake, winter animal cupcakes, sparkler and firework cupcakes, well done to everyone who baked. The winners were:

KS1: Maddie KS1 Runner up: Marley
KS2: Freya Warren KS2 Runner up: Evie Fairley Hobbs.

Many of you were brave enough to stay on after school to take part in the Bonfire Challenge Trail, where you dared to put your hand in alien snot, made a marshmallow sparkler in supersonic time, did some astronaut training and planet bobbing and made a crackerling craft!

Thank you for all getting involved and having a go and for enjoying the bake off bakes at the Rocket Fuel Cafe we made a profit of £146 which will go towards buying new school books for the renovated library.

Look at the winning entries!

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