Behaviour and Safety week in Class 2

Class 2 engaged with all of their learning during Behaviour and Safety week with interest and enthusiasm!

We started the week finding out about safety in the home, with a particular focus on electricity, using resources on the Internet to extend our understanding.

During our First Aid workshop the children really enjoyed  learning how to put people in the recovery position, (they were very keen to practice on their families at home!).

The children then found out how to stay safe on the Internet. They loved creating  imaginary creatures and using them in role play to reinforce the importance of keeping personal information  private.

Visits from the Fire Brigade  and Police  further  extended the children’s awareness and understanding  of how to stay safe in all aspects of their lives.

The children also  talked about he importance of being good friends and who we can ask for help if we ever have the ‘butterflies in the tummy’ feeling and know we need to get help from a friend or grown up.

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