Ahoy there m’hearties!

With great excitement we have launched our final topic of the year, this half term we will be learning about Pirates and Mermaids.

No sooner had we entered the classroom, we were already immersing ourselves in Pirate play and exploration. By break time maps had been made along with treasure chests and treasure. Games had been invented and children followed one another’s maps to find the treasure hidden in the classroom. Pirates had been created out of recycled materials and children were losing themselves in small world play.

Outside a bench had been attached to a boat, sailors had been captured and bound and were being forced to walk the plank. We shared what we already knew about pirates and considered things we would like to find out. We enjoyed listening to ‘Yo Ho Ho a Pirating we’ll go’ by Kate Umansky and we all received a message in a bottle from Willow Class at our federated school in Kenton inviting us to join them for a pirate picnic next week.

Wow! What a busy and inspirational morning – I am so looking forward to learning with you this half term Class 1!


Please click on the picture to see more of our Pirate Play!

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