£5 Virgin Money Enterprise Challenge

Richard Branson gave each child in Class 4 £5 to use towards setting up their own business.

The children organised themselves into teams and made their own exciting products which they have sold this week during playtimes, lunchtimes and after school. They needed to consider their product, do market research, think about how to promote their product and also calculate costs and potential profit.

Congratulations to all Class 4 children for running such a successful event!  With another day of selling to go, we aren’t able to confirm our grand total but we can confirm that the children have made enough to be able to fund an end of term trip for the whole class as a reward for their hard work – a fabulous achievement! They all worked extremely hard to design, make and sell their products.  Also, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all parents and children who purchased items and supported the initiative.




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